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22. George Fox (and Shakspere). November Boughs. Whitman, Walt. 1892. Prose Works
18:24:17 Yet George Fox stands for something too—a thought—the thought that wakes in silent hours—perhaps the deepest, most eternal thought latent in the human soul. This is the thought of God, merged in the thoughts of moral right and the immortality of identity. Great, great is this thought—aye, greater than all else.
Vivid Void on Twitter
14:49:52 Periodic reminder that if someone is nice to you but cruel to their outgroup, they're not a nice person. It doesn't matter whether the expression is currently socially acceptable. If they are hateful in public, they will eventually direct it at you. It's only a matter of time.
Overcompensate to compensate | Derek Sivers
10:30:00 To make a change, you have to be extreme. \tGo all the way the other way.
The best way to end mass incarceration is to catch more criminals
10:38:02 But a period of rising crime has shown, I think, that anti-enforcement politics is completely doomed — it’s just going to hand the steering wheel over to the most braindead style of “lock ’em up” politics
I Hate the News (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
10:33:36 Most people’s major life changes don’t come from reading an article in the newspaper; they come from reading longer-form essays or thoughtful books, which are much more convincing and detailed.
Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT
09:45:33 ChatGPT does great at the “human-like parts”, where there isn’t a precise “right answer”. But when it’s “put on the spot” for something precise, it often falls down.
I wrote a story for a friend
06:49:45 Carl was indeed Markus’s friend, but that didn’t automatically make him my friend.
07:14:24 They were simply obeying the rules of capitalism, the rules so many of us have internalised as though they are natural law, and were trying to maximise their economic return – which is a perfectly valid game to play.
07:35:44 I think a lot of the flaws in my character would simply have been covered up by money, rather than fixed. So I ended up strangely happy about how it had all turned out.
07:38:38 The universe loves you because you are love.
Opinion | Pope Benedict Wasn’t Conservative. He Was Something Much More Surprising.
08:42:09 For Benedict, this is the dazzling possibility that believers must share with their fellows: that all of us are the inheritors not of an ancient chaos but of something that despite the brokenness in our midst is fundamentally and recognizably good, a good we are invited to share for all eternity with a being who does not merely love but who is love itself.
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter
19:25:23 A lot of what passes for political arguments on here reminds me of how we used to talk about music — who’s a poseur, which bands are real punk, is it cringe to watch MTV blah blah blah
Charles Dickens and the term Telescopic Philanthropy.
19:10:29 Charity begins at home.
Pope Francis reveals he signed resignation letter in case of medical impairment
18:19:15 “If their faith is faltering, it’s because it is alive. Otherwise, you would feel nothing at all.”
Silence Is Not an Option in Matters of Life and Death
17:43:33 There is tremendous freedom in knowing that truth is outside of us, and so an acceptance or rejection of truth by our interlocutors is unconnected to our reputation and self-worth.
Against Individual IQ Worries
16:10:48 Statistics is what tells us that almost everybody feels stimulated on amphetamines. Reality is my patient who consistently goes to sleep every time she takes Adderall. Neither the statistics nor the lived experience are wrong – but if you use one when you need the other, you’re going to have a bad time.
16:29:06 Sadly, the human brain really, really want to cast to boolean.
Why Business Data Science Irritates Me
00:48:50 Most scientific problems I’ve worked on could be solved by a correct representation of an empirical distribution in a histogram. The next largest group needed a linear regression. The final group needed a statistical model from the first chapter of a PhD textbook. When the scale of the project grew, it was never because the statistics got too difficult. It was because the scale of the software, the data intensiveness, the edge-case handling, ramped up.
00:50:35 For every one good story that approximates reality, you get a hundred fake stories of people finding shapes in clouds.
You’re Not Going Anywhere
20:30:18 You love Twitter because it is the latter-day Babylonian captivity: people from every distant corner of the world are gathered inside its walls, xenofeminist hackers and Habsburg irredentists and Chinese neolegalist poets are elbow to elbow, we are pressed together and undergo a phase transition. If it had a motto, it would be “Raphèl mai amècche zabì almi”.
John Carmack
21:12:24 If I am trying to sway others, I would say that an org that has only known inefficiency is ill prepared for the inevitable competition and/or belt tightening, but really, it is the more personal pain of seeing a 5% GPU utilization number in production. I am offended by it.
A Virtual Life. An Actual Death – h+ Media
18:32:21 Indeed, the problem was not simply that people were mistaking the virtual for the real in their relationships, but that by playing out this drama on public chat boards, they were turning their emotional lives into product for the platform owner. They were commodifying themselves.
18:38:43 their commodification had a long tail. Their inner personal lives would remain product for the platform owners long after they had passed on.
If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing With Made-Up Statistics
10:17:27 I generally support applying made-up models to pretty much any problem possible, just to notice where our intuitions are going wrong and to get a second opinion from a process that has no common sense but is also lacks systematic bias (or else has unpredictable, different systematic bias).
Offense versus harm minimization - LessWrong
21:55:34 Although people pretending to be offended for personal gain is a real problem, it is less common in reality than it is in people's imaginations. If a person appears to suffer from an action of yours which you find completely innocuous, you should consider the possibility that eir mind is different from yours before rejecting eir suffering as feigned.
I Can Tolerate Anything Except The Outgroup
15:48:01 I think it’s fair to say you only earn the right to call yourself ‘forgiving’ if you forgive things that genuinely hurt you.
16:30:43 If you think you’re criticizing your own tribe, and your blood is not at that temperature, consider the possibility that you aren’t.
Meditations On Moloch
19:34:17 Any human with above room temperature IQ can design a utopia.
19:43:24 I know that “capitalists sometimes do bad things” isn’t exactly an original talking point. But I do want to stress how it’s not equivalent to “capitalists are greedy”. I mean, sometimes they are greedy. But other times they’re just in a sufficiently intense competition where anyone who doesn’t do it will be outcompeted and replaced by people who do. Business practices are set by Moloch, no one else has any choice in the matter.
19:52:55 The libertarian-authoritarian axis on the Political Compass is a tradeoff between discoordination and tyranny. You can have everything perfectly coordinated by someone with a god’s-eye-view – but then you risk Stalin. And you can be totally free of all central authority – but then you’re stuck in every stupid multipolar trap Moloch can devise.
Robin Hanson on Twitter
11:30:44 “Political skill at work is one of the most powerful predictors of success in the workplace.… Yes, 35% of US employees said they’d forgo a substantial raise to see their supervisor fired but acting that way is not going to get you promoted."
Fordham Trustee Fellow Honored by the Vatican
09:13:54 “I studied accounting and philosophy. I never practice accounting; I practice philosophy all the time.”
Four senses of Scripture - Wikipedia
06:20:57 The literal teaches history, the allegorical, what you should believe, the moral, what you should do, the anagogical, where you are going.
Three Stories at the End of the World
21:54:39 And then you realize that maybe there really aren't malevolent puppet masters and master plans. There's just greedy and stupid people bumbling through time and destroying entire communities with each misstep. Through this lens, things feel infinitely more tragic. There is nothing to be helped, there is only the ignorant nature of man and the cold indifference of the cosmos. It is an empty feeling that leaves one yearning for bad guys to defeat.
The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Probably Not Real
20:33:13 The Dunning-Kruger effect was never about “dumb people not knowing they are dumb” or about “ignorant people being very arrogant and confident in their lack of knowledge.”
20:41:05 For an effect of human psychology to be real, it cannot be rigorously replicated using random noise.
Mantic Monday: Twitter Chaos Edition
19:44:09 And I’m tired of bad things happening, and then learning there was a “whisper network” of people who knew about it all along but didn’t tell potential victims. It’s unreasonable to expect suspicious to come out and make controversial accusations about powerful people on limited evidence. But a prediction market seems like a good fit for this use case.
Jacob White 🦃 on Twitter
16:17:32 Worst secret in the industry is that appraisals aren't worth the money they're printed on. Appraisers get hired by the bank, and they won't get rehired if they screw up too many deals
The purpose of a system is what it does - Wikipedia
17:52:38 The purpose of a system is what it does (POSIWID) is a systems thinking heuristic coined by Stafford Beer,[1] who observed that there is "no point in claiming that the purpose of a system is to do what it constantly fails to do."[2] The term is widely used by systems theorists, and is generally invoked to counter the notion that the purpose of a system can be read from the intentions of those who design, operate, or promote it. When a system's side effects or unintended consequences reveal that its behavior is poorly understood, then the POSIWID perspective can balance political understandings of system behavior with a more straightforwardly descriptive view.
Venkatesh Rao on Twitter
15:20:32 A Roosevelt quote is not a get out of jail free card you scribble for yourself on a napkin that all must honor.
What is a Scream Test - Virtual Wiki
18:28:07 The Scream Test is simple – remove it and wait for the screams. If someone screams, put it back. The Scream Test can be applied to any product, service or capability – particularly when there is poor ownership or understanding of it’s importance.
Ken the Cowboy on Twitter
15:12:09 Sluts are scabs in the union of women. Simps are scabs in the union of men.
Ivan Vendrov on Twitter
03:19:23 Von Neumann on existential risk: Progress is chaotic so investments in planning are much less useful than investments in better control systems. Don't build Maginot lines, develop better command structures. Shorten your OODA loop. Response speed is everything.
Ship / Show / Ask
04:03:51 “All changes must be approved” or “Every pull request needs 2 reviewers” are common policies, but they show a lack of trust in the development team.
Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches
03:59:16 remember Paracelsus's observation that the difference between a beneficial drug and a poison is dosage.
Contra Resident Contrarian On Unfalsifiable Internal States
01:09:09 Also, everyone on TikTok is terrible and shouldn’t be considered a representative of their respective communities.
01:21:53 Everything is a middle ground. The whole point of all this Bayes stuff is that “the middle ground” is wide and worth fighting over. We can have a non-absolute middle ground with 1% probability, a non-absolute middle ground with 99% probability, or anything in between. I’m not doing the morality/etiquette thing of demanding a norm that you believe people, I’m doing an epistemic thing of providing justifications for a prior that you believe people.
eigenrobot on Twitter
17:32:09 well we all have our little quirks and mine is giving people who want to be victims exactly what they want
David R. MacIver on Twitter
19:26:13 A thought that occurred to me recently and has been preoccupying me since is that basically that the thing people are trying to get out of philosophy of ethics is to never have to take responsibility for their ethical choices.
racist data destruction?
17:28:29 Are you sure your data makes sense?
Kingdom of Conscience - Disco Elysium Wiki
18:03:52 Centrism isn't change -- not even incremental change. It is *control*. Over yourself and the world. Exercise it. Look up at the sky, at the dark shapes of Coalition airships hanging there. Ask yourself: is there something sinister in moralism? And then answer: no. God is in his heaven. Everything is normal on Earth.
WITCH companies - Google Search
20:32:18 In WITCH companies (WIPRO, INFOSYS, TCS, COGNIZANT, HCL) the image and impression the managers and clients have of you is more important than any objective work done.
A US Air Force flight spent 2 hours drawing a phallic pattern in...
15:08:57 It's an agreed social norm. The fact that some people get offended by it is what makes it funny for the people drawing it. Societies need these kinds of harmless "rude" norms as a basis of comedy and venting frustrations.
Will I Am - e/acc on Twitter
20:28:34 If there is an arbitrage opportunity from a stat, its likely fake.
Chevy Chase: A History Of Being Terrible
10:44:46 “When you become famous, you’ve got like a year or two where you act like a real a--hole.  You can’t help yourself. It happens to everybody. You’ve got like two years to pull it together— or it’s permanent.”
Kyle Smith on Twitter
18:01:14 48 hours. That’s all it takes to ride out a Twitter storm.
“If You Disagree With Me, You Want People To Die” Is Not Going To Work On Normal Folks
17:58:26 if your policy preferences are genuine and you actually want the world to be nudged in a certain direction, you can’t just shriek and cry and call your opponents murderers
Worse Is Better
21:38:46 "risk-taking and a willingness to open one’s eyes to new possibilities and a rejection of worse-is-better make an environment where excellence is possible
mattparlmer 🪐 🌷 on Twitter
20:08:38 Fannie Mae mortgages are just Section 8 for people with good jobs, the intent is the same
How Vice Society got away with a global ransomware spree
11:10:55 ransomware actors know that the more stressed people are, the more likely they are to make suboptimal decisions.
11:14:56 This reminds me of a bit from Cliff Stoll's book "The Cuckoo's Egg", when he's discussing his experiences with OG hackers back in the mid-to-late '80s: The thing with criminals is that success for them isn't often gained by having extreme technical acumen. For criminals, it's all about having the patience to try every single doorknob on the block, knowing that sooner or later, one will let you into someone's house.
Sarah Z
17:21:57 To everyone who thinks doxxing West Elm Caleb was fair retribution, I ask you to consider: Are you currently defined by the worst thing you've ever done?
Koch-backed think tank is suing Biden's student-loan forgiveness,...
09:50:39 It's something a lot of people don't think about because family is a type of social safety net they take for granted.
A high school artist was chosen to paint a mural. Then came the...
06:50:10 if you're an adult and harass a school aged child to the point they start crying, you are not the good guy.
Peter Thiel's gamble against the 'somewhat fake California thing'
10:19:43 Thiel criticizes the party as it stands now for being too nihilistic — only defining itself in opposition to wokeism and the broader California model.
More U.S. companies charging employees for job training if they quit
14:07:00 Training isn't training, it's liability avoidance.
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords/G0-T0
18:10:15 Working for the Republic was... stifling. So many checks and balances, forms to fill out, well-laid plans destroyed through slow bureaucracy. In essence, working for the Republic was much like committing much slower, much more boring crimes. And it was more difficult to see those crimes being committed.
The Tribe Still Comes First
15:52:07 The saddest is when someone shares something, receives the mandatory social conditioning, and deletes the tweet in shame. I recognize the ritualistic quality of all of this and so I don’t take it personally; with my second book sold, my freelance credits what they are, and a comfortable income here, I certainly don’t need to. I do, however, feel bad for the people who have to live like that. It seems exhausting, and it doesn’t have to be this way.
Please Just Fucking Tell Me What Term I Am Allowed to Use for the Sweeping Social and Political Changes You Demand
15:58:38 Well, sooner or later, guys, you have to actually give a shit about what people who aren’t a part of your movement think.
Please Just Fucking Tell Me What Term I Am Allowed to Use for the Sweeping Social and Political Changes You Demand
16:02:09 distrust social movements that call for more administrators
Mark Twain: Corn-pone Opinions
15:54:33 A political emergency brings out the corn-pone opinion in fine force in its two chief varieties -- the pocketbook variety, which has its origin in self-interest, and the bigger variety, the sentimental variety -- the one which can't bear to be outside the pale; can't bear to be in disfavor; can't endure the averted face and the cold shoulder; wants to stand well with his friends, wants to be smiled upon, wants to be welcome, wants to hear the precious words, "He's on the right track!" Uttered, perhaps by an ass, but still an ass of high degree, an ass whose approval is gold and diamonds to a smaller ass, and confers glory and honor and happiness, and membership in the herd. For these gauds many a man will dump his life-long principles into the street, and his conscience along with them. We have seen it happen. In some millions of instances.
TIL Sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children. This myth is...
03:37:53 A terrifying amount of commonly held beliefs can be traced to single studies that have never replicated.
The Grug Brained Developer
10:33:05 best weapon against complexity spirit demon is magic word: "no"note, this good engineering advice but bad career advice: "yes" is magic word for more shiney rock and put in charge of large tribe of developer sad but true: learn "yes" then learn blame other grugs when fail, ideal career advice
10:34:13 grug wonder why big brain take hardest problem, factoring system correctly, and introduce network call too seem very confusing to grug
10:37:30 note! very good if senior grug willing to say publicly: "hmmm, this too complex for grug"!
Dahmer re:View - Monster: The Review of Dahmer
18:22:01 True crime is the Fight Club for soccer moms.
I Hate the News (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
17:34:45 There is voting, of course, but to become an informed voter all one needs to do is read a short guide about the candidates and issues before the election. There’s no need to have to suffer through the daily back-and-forth of allegations and counter-allegations, of scurrilous lies and their refutations. Indeed, reading a voter’s guide is much better: there’s no recency bias (where you only remember the crimes reported in the past couple months), you get to hear both sides of the story after the investigation has died down, you can actually think about the issues instead of worrying about the politics.
There is No Such Thing as "Punching Up" or "Punching Down"
15:04:54 conveniently for me I’m not required by social or professional incentives to pretend that things offend me when they don’t
15:07:47 What if - what if - “punching up vs. punching down” is a totally artificial construct that bends to accommodate whatever the person invoking it wants to believe? There is one rule: people I like are punching up, people I don’t are punching down. There is no deeper meaning to be had here. It’s just another tool for the overeducated and very online to dismiss stuff they don’t like.
What IS Nathan Fielder?
21:51:53 Every person is their own internal universe, and that's a universe we will only ever get the most fleeting glimpses of.
13:01:46 Systemic racism in the legend of Zelda is a big issue.
Coolio, rapper known for 'Gangsta's Paradise,' dies at 59, TMZ reports
15:48:49 I always imagined my midlife crisis would materialize in the form of sports cars, skydiving, and banging supermodels half my age. Instead, I got a paralyzing sense of existential dread that never goes away.
We Can't Constructively Address Online Mental Health Culture Without Acknowledging That Some People Think They Have Disorders They Don't
19:51:13 What I can tell you for a fact is that society cannot possibly give special accommodation to everyone. This, more than anything else, is the project of social justice in 2022: the demand that more and more people be treated with special dispensations
The Most Freeway-Light Cities in North America: The Top 10 Cities With No Freeways (Almost!) - YouTube
07:52:32 If a city actually has a lot of space decided to freeways, the message that sends is the city itself is less valuable than the time it takes to drive though it.
The Power Latent in a Countercultural Right
07:29:22 if the moment ever arrives when a critical mass of America’s young women begin to prefer right-wing reactionary bad boys over left-wing squares, just because they’ve become the hot transgressive pick, this will be the moment the outcome of this century’s whole culture war will have been essentially decided. Only a few decades of mop-up battles will remain.
08:47:49 I have one main opinion about programming, which is that deeply understanding the underlying systems you use (the browser, the kernel, the operating system, the network layers, your database, HTTP, whatever you’re running on top of) is essential if you want to do technically innovative work and be able to solve hard problems.
Opinion | Proving Racists Wrong Is Not a Trivial Pursuit
02:33:41 But the ordinary, vital, self-loving response to such a problem is to step up and learn how to show ourselves at our best.
The Novel That Made Karen Armstrong Quit Her Reading Group
23:13:43 Less well known, but equally important and far more accessible, is “The Book of Zhuangzi,” written in the fourth century B.C., which also enables the reader to become aware of the Tao, the sacred reality that permeates every aspect of life.
How Immigrants Became Democrats
11:24:42 If people who ought to be on your side aren’t, you really ought to wonder why.
Opinion | How Life as a Trucker Devolved Into a Dystopian Nightmare
17:26:38 “It’s a lightweight straw,” Mr. Knope said, “but it’s also a very encumbered camel.”
Washington’s Lost Black Aristocracy
12:25:04 From the turn of the century until the race riots of 1968, Washington contained the largest black professional community in the United States. By 1920 a 40-block portion of the city, an area now known as the Shaw neighborhood, boasted more than 300 black-owned businesses
Brian Lui on Twitter
11:09:28 In fundamental equities research, one of my secrets was was that I used the "annoying face" method to generate alpha. This method involves meeting management or seeing videos/PR of them, and seeing if their face was annoying or not
Org-roam User Manual
21:38:10 Emacs outshines all other editing software in approximately the same way that the noonday sun does the stars. It is not just bigger and brighter; it simply makes everything else vanish. – Neal Stephenson, In the Beginning was the Command Line (1998)
Feed | LinkedIn
12:21:56 The three big statistical & data science advances of the last half century were (1) the bootstrap, (2) Bayesian MCMC, and (3) large p small n regression. This according to David Banks (statistician at Duke), in last night's Deming lecture at the Joint Statistical Meetings. What's next? Banks' opinion: nothing. No great theoretical advances.
Asahi Linux May Pursue Writing Apple Silicon GPU Driver In Rust - Phoronix Forums
16:27:23 You can claim bad code all you want, but it is inevitable that humans will write flawed code. No one, no matter how big their ego is, ever writes software more than "Hello World!" without errors. It's debatable that people can write a hello world program indefinitely over and over without any error without using copy/paste. The less footguns the language has built in, the less likely you'll be shooting yourself in the foot. That's the premise of langsec and it's borne out by decades of research, not to mention daily cybersecurity headlines.
21:19:49 There \t\t\t\tare two paths in programming; the path of power and the path of \t\t\t\tunderstanding. The path of power gives quick results and leads \t\t\t\tto stagnation. The path of understanding gives power.
People Spend Too Much Time On Decisions with Equally Satisfying Outcomes
22:15:33 “When presented with two options, choose the one that brings about the greater amount of luck.”
The Importance of Saying "Oops" - LessWrong
20:44:05 Not every change is an improvement, but every improvement is necessarily a change. If we only admit small local errors, we will only make small local changes. The motivation for a big change comes from acknowledging a big mistake.
20:48:04 Do not indulge in drama and become proud of admitting errors. It is surely superior to get it right the first time. But if you do make an error, better by far to see it all at once. Even hedonically, it is better to take one large loss than many small ones. The alternative is stretching out the battle with yourself over years. The alternative is Enron.
Dan McKinley :: Choose Boring Technology
20:35:40 When choosing technology, you have both known unknowns and unknown unknowns [3]. A known unknown is something like: we don’t know what happens when this database hits 100% CPU. An unknown unknown is something like: geez it didn’t even occur to us that writing stats would cause GC pauses. Both sets are typically non-empty, even for tech that’s existed for decades. But for shiny new technology the magnitude of unknown unknowns is significantly larger, and this is important.
20:36:25 Your job is keeping the company in business, god damn it. And the “best” tool is the one that occupies the “least worst” position for as many of your problems as possible.
How to Argue Responsibly | Cerebral Arcade
20:39:24 Remember that you do not have to engage in arguments if you doubt the sincerity of your opponent, but it’s courteous (and cathartic) to explain that you refuse to engage.
20:41:25 Someone disagreeing does not make you a victim, and being a victim does not justify bad-faith tactics.
Slightly Against Underpopulation Worries
21:25:03 Like, a 2.5 point decline in IQ could be pretty bad. But if we can’t genetic engineer superbabies with arbitrary IQs by 2100, we have failed so overwhelmingly as a civilization that we deserve whatever kind of terrible discourse our idiot grandchildren inflict on us.
The Fungible Brush
21:04:00 NFTs are effectively collective delusions designed to produce irrational attachments in immature man-children. It's hypebeast fuckery with none of the drip!
Data Analytics in the World of Bullshit Jobs
21:13:03 The tradition keeper: These people produce reports because the company has always produced these reports. They maintain a dashboard that’s always been there. They analyze a certain metric because a company has always chosen that metric. Usually, people retroactively figure out they served this role. A manager suddenly leaves, a pipeline breaks, or someone forgets to update a report. Then, nothing happens, and the analyst realizes all the time spent on it was pointless.
Sometimes, You Just Have to Take a Fucking L
00:13:37 On the internet, when people like you, you can do no wrong. When people don't like you, you can do no right.
No, We Have Not Proven That There is No Neurological or Physiological Influence on Depression
12:46:54 "please engage with the text"a more perfect exhortation to internet culture doesn't exist.
My Brief Brief Against "Mental Illness is Just Capitalism, Man, the System"
12:44:29 Fact is, no system is better than the people running it.
ELK And The Problem Of Truthful AI
04:28:53 Language model answer (calculating what human is most likely to believe): All problems are caused by your outgroup.
Introducing Babel
03:40:40 An article about computational science in a scientific publication is not the scholarship itself, it is merely advertising of the scholarship. The actual scholarship is the complete software development environment and the complete set of instructions which generated the figures. – D. Donoho
r/DiscoElysium - Anybody else think Joyce Messier is somehow connected to Margaret Thatcher?
23:29:58 I think the point of Joyce is that she isn't Margaret Thatcher.Thatcher had something approaching anti-charisma. She was a deeply close-minded, cruel, and unpleasant person and she struggled to hide that part of herself in public interactions. Joyce is... not that. Joyce is urbane, witty, and friendly. She seems like a true citizen of the world, fascinated by all it has to offer, and freely admits she doesn't work for good people.The point of Joyce in the game is to throw you off the scent. If you're a leftist coming into a game like this, you automatically have some sympathy for the union and mistrust of the corporation. But Joyce is charismatic and helpful, while Evrart is antagonistic and seemingly corrupt. If you're not a leftist, you take them at face value.But this is a bait-and-switch. Evrart is only corrupt as a means to an end, and is secretly pursuing the far more moral and sympathetic goal: the economic freedom of Revachol from the Coalition. Joyce, meanwhile, is not a better person because she's aware she works for bad people. If anything, her awareness of it makes her worse. The way she describes "slumming it" in Martinaise as a youth also shows that while she might be worldly and hip, she's also fundamentally predatory towards these communities, taking what she wants from them and moving on. She has literally sold her soul to her corporate masters, as the Pale may very well have eradicated who she was and you have no idea how much of the persona she presents to you is accurate to who she is, or if there even really is one "Joyce."
Why Thomism?
16:01:44 In this regard, we can apply to St. Thomas what Sherlock Holmes said of his brother Mycroft: “All other men are specialists, but his specialism is omniscience.” Of course, Thomas himself would disapprove of such intemperate speech, but, admitting the hyperbole, we might say that a certain degree of “omniscience” is merely a corollary of the comprehensiveness we have just described.
Influencer Courses are Garbage: The Dark Side of Content Creation
17:09:47 "There is nothing wrong with you if other people don't pay attention to your art. That art is for you. That is enough. I promise."
We Could Use a Reinvigorated Skeptic Movement
13:36:59 Our amazing brains do all sorts of things to cope; rationality is fantastic for some things, but not for art and not necessarily for comfort.
Terry Davis' TempleOS Brutal Take Down of Linus Torvalds
10:17:38 "An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity ... An idiot, the more complicated something is, the more he will admire it. If you make something so clusterfucked he can't understand it, he's gonna think you're a god..."
Book Review: The Man From The Future
21:30:42 Finally and, I believe, most importantly, prohibition of technology (invention and development, which are hardly separable from underlying scientific inquiry), is contrary to the whole ethos of the industrial age. It is irreconcilable with a major mode of intellectuality as our age understands it. It is hard to imagine such a restraint successfully imposed in our civilization. Only if those disasters that we fear had already occurred, only if humanity were already completely disillusioned about technological civilization, could such a step be taken.
Against Netflix
10:44:34 But part of what makes America special is a certain harshness—first embodied in the Puritans and their quest to settle America’s unforgiving wilderness. Great achievements, new ideas, ingenious inventions emerge from a culture that prizes travail and perseverance, not one that prioritizes comfort and ephemeral satisfaction.
Nintil - [Guest post] How Substack Became Milquetoast
11:08:58 The biggest risk to Substack isn’t that Gmail changes its algorithm or that readers set up automatic forwarding and share accounts. It’s that years from now, each author will have built up so much content that a reader can pay a 1 month subscription, download the archive, and be set on reading material.
Heuristics That Almost Always Work
20:53:44 Whenever someone pooh-poohs rationality as unnecessary, or makes fun of rationalists for spending zillions of brain cycles on “obvious” questions, check how they’re making their decisions. 99.9% of the time, it’s Heuristics That Almost Always Works.(but make sure to watch for the other 0.1%; those are the people you learn from!)
21:03:21 I think of expertise as a “map of surprises” because otherwise any reasonably smart person could just figure out whatever the field is from first principles. No need to burn time unless being reasonably smart is the only criteria. A ladle is anything worth putting on the map.
The Good White Man Roster
11:57:06 mindlessly lionizing abstract groups of people is not respecting them
The alchemy of deposits
13:50:14 It is underappreciated that consumer credit is, effectively, one of the largest welfare programs in the United States. Chargeoffs of e.g. credit card debt effectively transfer a private benefit to the defaulting consumer in return for a diffuse cost to the rest of the public, mediated by the financial industry; the net amount of them is almost as much as food stamps.
Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation.
06:28:02 We are all magpies distracted by the new shiny.
06:28:50 Solve problems as they arise, not in advance. The work we do should solve the user's issues. Ask yourself, what is the human behaviour I'm trying to impact with my work?
Going from Python to Guile Scheme
06:22:42 “All Turing-complete languages differ solely in syntactic sugar.” — Michele Simionato in The Adventures of a Pythonista in Schemeland
Greenspuns Tenth Rule Of Programming
06:26:44 Every sufficiently complex application/language/tool will either have to use Lisp or reinvent it the hard way.
visakan veerasamy on Twitter
13:05:17 if you show up, don't die, and don't quit, almost every year of producing content is better than the last
My IRB Nightmare
06:32:04 Bureaucracy in science does the same thing: limit the field to big institutional actors with vested interests. No amount of hassle is going to prevent the Pfizer-Merck-Novartis Corporation from doing whatever study will raise their bottom line. But enough hassle will prevent a random psychiatrist at a small community hospital from pursuing his pet theory about bipolar diagnosis. The more hurdles we put up, the more the scientific conversation skews in favor of Pfizer-Merck-Novartis. And the less likely we are to hear little stuff, dissenting voices, and things that don’t make anybody any money.
Weak Men Are Superweapons
05:55:12 Remember, people think in terms of categories with central and noncentral members – a sparrow is a central bird, an ostrich a noncentral one.
Book Review: San Fransicko
10:20:51 that most of the damage from urban dysfunction isn’t overt crime. It’s litter, graffiti, literal broken windows, parks that smell like marijuana and are strewn with used needles. People blasting loud music in public places or residential streets at all hours of the night. People staying away from mass transit transportation or public parks or any public spaces at all because they know they’ll be yelled at and harassed or just have to deal with a low-grade miasma of disgust over everything, preventing a real Jane-Jacobs-style civic life from ever taking shape. Class segregation, because anyone who can get out of the dysfunctional areas is desperate to do that. The fall of civic pride, because cities get hard to be proud of.
10:23:03 The old saying talks about the man who “uses statistics the way a drunk uses a streetlight; for support rather than illumination”.
roon on Twitter
19:52:19 lean startup is cringe you need be speedrunning into oblivion or success
advice for academic refugees
18:33:10 People are not your professor or advisor. Just talk to them. Maybe they yell at you for impertinence but so what? They probably don’t have any power over you and the alternative is spending your entire life a wallflower.
blue sky: miscellaneous
21:51:32 ``Intertwingularity is not generally acknowledged -- people keep pretending they can make things deeply hierarchical, categorizable and sequential when they can't. Everything is deeply intertwingled.'' -- Ted Nelson
r/emacs - Issue with conda.el
01:41:12 The biggest lie developers tell themselves and they actually believe: This time we will do it right.
Note Taking with Org Roam and Transclusion
15:51:06 “Any sufficiently advanced hobby is indistinguishable from work.”
Science Banana (@literalbanana) / Twitter
03:49:23 abstractions are like glue: the stronger they are the more you end up needing solvents to clean up the inevitable mess
Eliezer Yudkowsky on Twitter
20:22:05 "Acknowledging" the Overton Window helps enforce the Overton Window. Loudly publicly helpfully warning somebody that their work is "cringe" is cringe enforcement. Journalists reporting "gaffes" create gaffes.
r/linuxmasterrace - me, 10 seconds after i get my steam deck
22:50:20 arch is just a lightweight OS optimized for running neofetch
Hello "Hello world!"
19:59:36 As programmers, our sharpest tool is abstraction, our strongest tool is abstraction, and our most useful tool is abstraction. It is in some sense the only thing we really do: turn information and transformations upon information into other forms of meta information that we manipulate with even more abstractions. The whole idea is that we deal with emergent complexity and then tuck it neatly beneath an interface of some sort and then don't ever think about it again until we have to. But it's still there, bubbling under the crust of the world we're continuously saying hello to, and it's worth it sometimes to dig down a little deeper and marvel at the gems.
Pranesh Prakash on Twitter
13:42:56 A core part of many forms of activism is to dial up the "we're in danger" level to 11. We have limited attention spans, limited activism energy, and there are tons of things that are going wrong with the world. This often leads to hyperbole.
Washington; 'America Is a Tune. It Must Be Sung Together.' The Schools Forced Relocation No Legal Defense (Published 1962)
04:37:45 -"America is a tune," said Gerald Stanley Lee. "It must be sung together."
It's All Grift, It's All Brands
12:34:18 you can choose to be an anticapitalist, but you’re still compelled to be a capitalist
Opinion | Elon Musk Got Twitter Because He Gets Twitter
13:08:23 Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and former chief executive, always wanted it to be something else. Something it wasn’t, and couldn’t be. “The purpose of Twitter is to serve the public conversation,” he said in 2018. Twitter began “measuring conversational health” and trying to tweak the platform to burnish it. Sincere as the effort was, it was like those liquor ads advising moderation. You don’t get people to drink less by selling them whiskey.
Nobody Walks Around Feeling "Valid"
13:10:51 Of all the toxic and disheartening elements of the internet era, the worst is the way that our concept of human value is so often seen as purely crowdsourced, I think. It’s resulted in an internet where a huge portion of the activity ultimately amounts to people begging strangers to approve of them.
13:11:41 Even being a rock star can’t turn off the part of your mind that hates you and wants you to feel bad.
13:13:53 I never worried about my validity while changing a diaper. I never worried about my validity when caring for an old dog. I never worried about my validity when planting flowers. When these thoughts--about my validity-- arise in my brain I try to do a task for someone/something else.
walk backward into hell
13:31:37 I see reciting one’s own political beliefs in another’s thread as the social equivalent of walking into a party and shitting on the floor
🔪 on Twitter
17:14:26 life hack: you don't have to explain yourself or understand anything, you can just do stuff
The Politics of Pure Affiliation Has Driven Everyone Absolutely Insane
13:11:10 Affiliation doesn't just replace principle, it preempts the possibility of principle.
Patrick McKenzie on Twitter
02:29:32 In markets in everything news, apparently the culture that is Japanese golf somewhat encourages you to throw a party for all your friends at the golf club if you score a hole in one or albatross. It's a big deal. Branded goods, lots of alcohol, etc. Costs about $10k.
The Fox News Fallacy
15:00:00 The Fox News Fallacy is having a dire effect on many Democrats. This is the idea that if Fox News (substitute here the conservative bête noire of your choice if you prefer) criticizes the Democrats for X then there must be absolutely nothing to X and the job of Democrats is to assert that loudly and often. The problem is that an issue is not necessarily completely invalid just because Fox News mentions it. That depends on the issue.
6 Habits of Highly Effective Citizens
15:04:11 Politics is too important to our economic well-being and legal rights not to pay attention. But politics is also too nuts to make it a focal point in life. The highly effective citizen will find a proper balance between engaging in politics and disengaging from politics to enjoy other aspects of life as the seasons move on.
"Multiple Personality Disorder" Probably Doesn't Exist, And There Certainly Hasn't Been an Explosion of It Among the Youth
14:38:40 So much of what we assume is cultural dysfunction is really just kids being bored online.
What if there’s no such thing as chaotic good? | Unqualified Reservations by Mencius Moldbug
19:44:28 History provides no controlled experiments, and expecting data from an uncontrolled experiment to tell you something is the epistemic equivalent of barebacking.
The iron polygon: power in the United States | Unqualified Reservations by Mencius Moldbug
21:40:32 Every Sauron considers himself a Boromir
My new comments policy | Unqualified Reservations by Mencius Moldbug
09:56:54 One of the great things about the Internet is that it routes packets, not sticks or stones.
Heuristics That Almost Always Work
19:32:08 You know what doesn’t need oxygen or water or food? A rock with the phrase “YOUR RIDICULOUS-SOUNDING CONTRARIAN IDEA IS WRONG” written on it.
Nick Cammarata on Twitter
17:34:11 You are not running out of time nor too late for anything
Venkatesh Rao (7/100 animations ) on Twitter
15:18:58 the more actual freedom people have, the harder and less rewarding managing or leading people becomes, so fewer people want to do it, and of those who do, most only want to appear to be doing it because the rewards of the theater are almost as high as the rewards of doing it
Git Flow Is A Bad Idea • Dave Farley • GOTO 2021 - YouTube
08:33:37 GitFlow is a methodology which works in a certain contexts, like actually having to support multiple versions of the product. This doesn't mean that you can't have continuous integration or even continuous deployment. Compared to this, trunk based development is easier - but it will not work when supporting multiple lines of product. Use trunk-based development whenever possible - it's easier on multitude of levels. But, as EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE INDUSTRY it's not a silver bullet.
Mortgages are a manufactured product
14:51:34 Mortgage securitization, and secondary sales of loans, and other mechanisms cause mortgages to migrate from the banking sector to pools of capital which are more structurally insulated against the interest rate cycle.
There's A Time For Everyone
13:03:11 Micromarriages come from this post by Chris Olah. They’re a riff on micromorts, a one-in-a-million chance of dying. Risk analysts use micromorts to compare how dangerous different things are: scuba diving is 5 micromorts per dive; COVID is 2,500 micromorts per infection; climbing Mt. Everest is 30,000 micromorts per attempt. So by analogy, micromarriages are a one in a million chance of getting married. Maybe going to a party gets you 500 micromarriages, and signing up for a really good dating site gives you 10,000. If there’s a Mt. Everest equivalent, I don’t know about it.
Astral Codex Ten
13:14:56 P(A|B) = [P(A)*P(B|A)]/P(B), all the rest is commentary.
Samuel Hammond 🌐🏛 on Twitter
23:34:59 The worlds most accomplished computer programmer would instantly become "low skill" if they time travelled to the 16th century.
Principles of Software Evangelism
12:07:04 The more your life bends around a single topic, the more out-of-touch you become with the rest of software.
No Seriously, Hate Your Tools
16:08:56 We’re better at finding flaws in claims we don’t agree with than claims we do. It’s so easy to believe things that sound nice to us, even if they’re not true. It’s such a blatant cognitive bias. You don’t need to talk about availability heuristics or risk averseness or anything like that, it’s just “if you like something, you’ll be less diligent about evaluating it.”
What’s a Linked List, Anyway? [Part 2]
10:41:32 a linked list is usually efficient when it comes to adding and removing most elements, but can be very slow to search and find a single element.